SpectraLIT™ SpectraL Instant Test :
World’s fastest COVID-19 test (CE-IVD)
Instant, accurate, affordable COVID-19 testing in seconds
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Our Product
SpectraLIT™ is SpectraL Instant Testing. SpectraLIT™ uses Newsight’s revolutionary compact spectrophotometer and cutting edge artificial intelligence to detect COVID-19 in seconds.
Newsight’s spectral technology in SpectraLIT™ uses a spectral sensor with a high frame rate of up to 40,000 fps that allows for a quick detection and analysis of liquids. The device detects light intensity in wavelengths that range continuously between 400nm and 700nm and provides 1024 digital values with up-to 12bit digital values. Each value represents the intensity at each wavelength. These 1024 digital values allow the creation of a high resolution spectral signature of any tested substance.
By directing a white beam of light at the test liquid, a reflected light in different wavelengths is received, which correlates to the light absorbance to that material. The reflected light creates a spectral signature that is unique to specific chemicals/materials. Newsight’s solution supports both absorbance and reflectance spectroscopy methods. SpectraLIT™ currently supports wavelengths in a range of 400nm to 700nm and is expected to reach up to 1100nm soon. Supported by bi-direction cloud connectivity, SpectraLIT™ solution provides classification models which are constantly trained to provide better detection with high which are constantly trained to provide better detection and high accuracy. The platform has been validated and has recieved the EU CE-IVD mark. The platform has been validated and has received the EU CE-IVD mark.
The SpectraLIT™ cuvette is used to collect a sample. Either a conventional swab or a mouth gargle can be used. The sample is analysed by SpectraLIT™. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to match this spectral pattern to a database of known COVID-19 negative and positive samples. Using AI SpectraLIT™ is able to differentiate between infected and healthy individuals. SpectraLIT™ is cloud connected and resulted can be shared install in real time with designated authorities.
Advantages of SpectraLIT™


SpectraLIT™ takes just a few seconds. This makes SpectraLIT™ much better for mass screening and entry screening.


Comfort and convenience

SpectraLIT™ works with a mouth gargle. This is much more convenient and comfortable than a swab.


Real time reporting

SpectraLIT™ is internet connected and can auto-push reports to any designated authority such ICMR, state health authorities or employers. Data is shared securely and in real time.


High accuracy

95% concordance with RTPCR.



SpectraLIT™ fits into the palm of the hand and can be setup anywhere.


Yes! SpectraLIT™ has been studied in several countries and it has been awarded the European Union CE-IVD mark of authorization for use in the diagnosis of COVID-19. CE-IVD authorization for COVID-19 testing platforms is recognized by India and ICMR.
Although SpectraLIT™ has already received CE-IVD, the scientific team is keen to continue to study the device and several studies and pilots are underway around the world.

SpectraLIT™ has been extensivly tested in Israel. Its sensitivity and specificity is >95%. Further studies are underway all over the world including India.

RT-PCR SpectraLIT™ Rapid Antigen Test
Swab test from the nose/back of throat/sputum Machine learning classification of mouthwash gargle composition Nasal swab from the lower part of the nose
Look for genetic sequence of Covid-19 Look for differences in spectrum of various fluids (nasal pharyngeal swab fluid and/or mouthwash) Look for protein on the surface of virus called antigen
Over $150 to $200 per test As low as $5 per test As low as $10 per test
A few hours Well below 1 min 15 mins
Require the use of specialized lab machines Handheld device and can be done en masse with many people being tested at the same time Handheld device and can be done en masse with many people being swabbed at the same time.
Gold standard, sensitivity 95-99% Sensitivity as high as 93.5% Sensitivity varies by manufacturer, 40-80%
Deployed and used worldwide To be deployed worldwide with initial implementation in Mexico and India (2B population) Deployed and used worldwide
- Conformite Europeene (CE) marking obtained -
Meet the team
Dr. Rajit Shah

Doctor Rajit Shah is a MD radiologist focusing on artificial intelligence and infectious disease radiology. He is a serial health entrepreneur and his start up designed and installed India’s first pressurized COVID-19 testing kiosks, negative pressure fever clinics and a state of the art rapidly deployable inflatable COVID-19 field hospital. Rajit believes that AI and advances in health tech will power a paradigm shift in patient centered care to ensure patients have a seamless and enjoyable healthcare experience. Rajit is a partner and director at MediCircle Health Pvt Ltd and he believes that AI powered SpectraLIT COVID-19 testing is the best testing solution to crush the COVID-19 curve.
Dr. Swapneil Parikh

Dr.Swapneil R. Parikh is a Consultant Physician, COVID-19 Researcher, Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of an AI Health Tech Startup. He is a board certified Internist practicing in Mumbai and is currently focusing on COVID-19 patient care and research. Swapneil believes that a multi-layered approach is critical to contain the pandemic, with testing and vaccines serving as the two most important layers. During the pandemic Swapneil has worked with leading research institutes across India to formulate testing strategies to combat COVID-19. He believes that instant accurate point of care & point of need testing will be critical to contain the pandemic and to keep public spaces safe. SpectraLIT or Spectral Instant Testing is the solution that can make our public spaces COVID-19 safe.
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In January 2020 we (Dr. Swapneil Parikh and Dr. Rajit Shah) were working on a healthcare startup to support and catalyse a paradigm shift from curative to preventive medicine. Our start up was a few short weeks from going live when we first learnt about a novel coronavirus outbreak in China. This virus was later named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) and the disease it caused was named Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Realising that the virus was about to go pandemic, the entire team made the decision to pivot entirely to respond to COVID-19.

In anticipation of a huge strain on the healthcare system, we came up with a pandemic time healthcare solution - MediCircle. It is a novel approach to help patients manage their own illness with minimal intervention from doctors while providing maximum quality of care. MediCircle’s objectives is to allow the healthcare system to focus on the sickest COVID-19 patients while providing quality healthcare for those who can be treated without visiting a doctor. Our process integrates the latest medical guidelines with the most advanced technologies to provide an artificial intelligence health care solution that is at its core deeply human centred. DIY.health will help patients reach a diagnosis and provide them with a state of the art treatment and monitoring plan. In keeping with our human centric philosophy we make two promises; We will provide our patients with the best care and we will never put a profit motive before health.

MediCircle Health's early focus is on COVID-19 patients, we are rapidly expanding to provide patients with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and tobacco addiction a healthcare solution that keeps them as far away from hospitals as possible. These patients are at highest risk for severe COVID-19 and death and we will endeavour to provide them with quality healthcare in the safety of their homes. This way they can stay safe and get better without increasing the load on the healthcare system. Improving diabetic control, controlling blood pressure, loss of excessive body fat and smoking cessation are not just essential for good health but also reduce the risk of severe COVID-19.

We are Medicircle and service to humanity is our mission.

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